The Story

What started in 2009 as a passionate team of 3 in Elmira, has rapidly grown into the Timber Barn showroom in the heart of St. Jacobs. Today, we have become one of the most sought-after custom woodworking companies in the Kitchener-Waterloo region attracting clients across the province.

We offer everything from handcrafted cabinetry and reclaimed furniture, to beams, timber frames and front entrances. We strive to stand out with innovative designs and execute with an obsession to detail.

To do this, we have partnered with local Mennonites and Amish businesses to supply quality timber and community craftsmen to finish the job. Every piece that goes through our shop is handled with a level of pride that shines through in our products.

Our Passion

We are passionate about great design, encourage our clients to go against the grain, and fuel their unique ideas with our experienced team of designers, engineers, craftsmen and installers to provide a quality product that stands the test of time.

There is no question that if given the opportunity, the entire Timber Barn team will put forth their absolute best efforts to ensure the entire project surpasses your expectations from initial concept, to production, and through to final install.

We are writing not only to say thank you for fulfilling our long-time dream of having an amazing kitchen; but, also to praise some of your incredible staff members.

Maria & Gabriel

It’s a pleasure to work with a company that takes true pride in what they do, and are committed to ensuring the client is happy with the final product.

Darryl & Sue

Our Talented Kitchen Designers


When you are finally ready to design the home of your dreams, I want it to be absolutely perfect because that is how I would want it for myself. For that reason, I am exhaustingly picky. I look forward to the assurance you will have after we diligently fine-tune the design. I am passionate about impressing my clients with a home that is better than they could have imagined, every time. Just as Charles Eames once said, “the details are not the details, they make the design.”


I understand the demands of raising a young family and the need for a space that functions seamlessly. Beyond that, I also appreciate how overwhelming the design process can feel so it is my goal to alleviate your stress and bring calm to the chaos. It is important to me that you enjoy the exciting opportunity to design a space you love and after all is said and done, you can delight in the comfort of a space that’s uniquely you!


After recently completing a six month home renovation in my own home, I can now fully empathize with what my clients are going through from start to finish.

There are so many different emotions and feelings that can come along with renovating. Even with the experience of being a designer, the selection process can be so overwhelming with so many colours, details, hardware, and flooring choices to be made. For that reason, I guide my clients in their selections to help them narrow down what will look best in their space — one decision at a time.

Now that we are complete and we are settling back into our “new” dream home, we are beyond thrilled with the results. I hope that all of my clients have the same feeling when their vision comes to life!


I appreciate how much your surroundings can affect your mood so I am passionate about helping people curate their own style in a space they can enjoy. Even simple, meaningful design can improve your quality of life. I love working with my clients to make their everyday tasks a little more effortless, comfortable and pretty!

Made In Canada.

Partnering With Our Local Community & Small Businesses.